About Us


Situated in a quiet corner in an unlikely neighbourhood of old Bengaluru is The Majolly Music Trust, the realization of a long cherished dream of Founder – Director, Neecia Majolly. Founded in February 2011, the MMT is committed to the highest standards of music performance and teaching through :

  • instrumental and vocal music, music theatre, symphonic and choral music, and music technology.
  • training aspiring teachers of music, music theatre and music technology to a high standard of teaching.
  • training underprivileged youth in the above and facilitate a career in music and music technology as a viable option.
  • promotion of young talent through our Young Performers’ Concert Series.
  • creating scholarships for deserving students of the above to facilitate further studies in music and music technology which would otherwise not be viable.
  • creating awareness of the above to music-loving public through solo concerts, music theatre productions, orchestral and choir concerts, music appreciation workshops, summer music camps, competitions, etc.
  • creating a PENSION FUND for aged and infirm musicians, the first of its kind in India. We are already assisting a few musicians with a monthly sum to help with rent/medicines/food, and hope to add more to the list, with YOUR help.



Founder – Trustee: Neecia Majolly (concert-pianist, singer, teacher, choir director, composer)

Fellow Trustees: Ricky Kej (Grammy winning music director/music producer), Rajendra Chaturvedi (CEO of Theme Piano Company)

Assistant to Director: Jessica Pranuthi Sathyadass

Joint Secretary: Madhukar Christopher (proprieter, Eventuate Fulcrum)

Treasurer: Ravi S (piano teacher)

Advisors: Madhukar Christopher , Ashwin Prabhakaran (Manager of Theme Piano World, Bangalore),
Ravi S, Pothen Jacob (freelance consultant)

Website Management: Leo K Yohan



The Trust is always looking for ways not only to improve its infrastructure that will contribute to an even better environment for classes, but also SPONSORSHIP for concerts that it organizes.

Below is a list of our immediate concerns, and if you put yourself on our mailing list, you will get to know about our upcoming events, and see whether you can help!

  • Administrative costs
  • Sending deserving students to summer school abroad
  • Scholarships for underprivileged students
  • Printing and stationery
  • Improvement of infrastructure
  • Pension fund for aged and infirm musicians
  • Sponsorship for our events
  • Official vehicle for the trust! We like to dream big……
  • Administrative duties
  • Volunteering at our events
  • Sourcing out potential sponsors
  • Event management